About the project

This website is dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of the old trees of Romania. We refer to these trees as 'remarkable', due to their multiple social-ecological functions. Remarkable trees can be found everywhere, from cities to pastures, in old parks and yards and closed forests. Regardless their location, these trees have several cultural, historical values and they are keystone ecosystem structures e.g. by serving habitats for wildlife.

Knowledge is the essential first step to protect Romania’s remarkable trees and their environments. We encourage you to contribute to our collective knowledge by sharing your experiences of Romanian remarkable trees.

Whenever you are out, if you see an old tree please take a picture and share your information on this website. Please visit our site and use the possibilities we provide to explore the main features and location of these trees. It is our hope that by providing highly accurate information about the remarkable trees, we can simulate and inspire local communities to use these trees for strengthening community cohesion and local identity while protecting crucial wildlife habitats.