For students

Are you interested in a new challenge? Do you want to spend more time outdoor? Do you have any information about old trees which need more attention? If your answer is yes, adopt a tree! During the adoption process you will have a closer relationship with the selected tree and your immediate environment and you also take part in important scientific and community activities. In addition, if your tree is in dangerous situation you might help to save it.

Who can adopt a tree?

School classes and children groups. If you adopt a tree you have the possibility to monitor the life of the tree for a period of one year. You can collect information about traditions and tree related local knowledge, etc.

Steps of adoption:

  1. Register as a group on our webpage and log in!
  2. Select the tree from the page Map or Trees. The selected tree should be close to your school because it’s important to visit it periodically.
  3. Ask for adoption from the Tree details/Adoption page.
  4. Wait for confirmation from the administrator.
  5. You should start monitoring of the tree with the worksheet. The worksheet can be edited within the specified time range and you can finalize with the submit button. Take care to send it in time!
  6. After a period of one year you will have the possibility to chose if you want to continue the work or you want to pass the adoption to another group.