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Written by TReka on Dec. 6, 2016

"Hunting" old trees - Short and very short stories

Lucian Holban

The stems of old trees sometimes are painted with numbers – altough they are marked with different colour – with different meanings. At Ticuşu Vechi (Brașov county) these numbers mark the old oak trees, suitable for cutting because they are harmful and dangerous. „We have a lot of them” – residents informed us. At Alexeni (Ialomița county) these numbers have a different meaning,  these trees are not alloved to be cut. They are rare and valuable entities. „No one else has something like this in Bărăgan*. We are proud (the mayor and other locals stated) of our ancient wood pastures”.

*Bărăgan plain is a geographical region of Romania, a steppe plain in the ​south-eastern part of the country

1. Alexeni - worthy for protection

2.  Ticușu - suitable for cutting