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„Hunting” old trees

Written by csistvan on Dec. 6, 2016

Short and very short stories

Lucian Holban

Lost in own forest

One local from Bradu offered to lead us to their oak, already famous, but well hidden in the forest with no signs leading towards. After searching for more than an hour in the forest, the local person was totally lost, but the sheer luck brought the oak tree in our way. Since we were not inspired enought o take the coordinates of our car, we relied on „human GPS”. This whole situation impressed our local guide and –since he was also lost- forced him to follow us. Obviously we found the car, where we have left it. We later found out – i.e. when we get back to the care safely - that our guide suffered from diabetes and serious depression.

Lucian Holban, the auhtor of short and very short stories