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Sentenced to death without a herpetologist on post of lawyer

Written by csistvan on Feb. 9, 2017

"Hunting" old trees - Short and very short stories

Lucian Holban

A little further up from the last houses of Campul Cetatii(Mures county, where  in last kilometers of the pastures on the right side of Niraj river there are  many old beech trees accompanied by pine on the upper part and oak to the downstream, we reached the always present sheepfold. Here, after the dogs raising the alarm came the shepherd to ask our opinion.A lamb brought recently to the sheepfold died. The shepherd found a snake nearby(coronella austriaca), which is neither big nor poisonous. He kills the snake , voiceless from birth and thinks that he made the right judgment. We gave reason to doubt explaining that the executed snake is not a viper.

Since Adam onwards men(except herpetologists) kill  the guilty for all their troubles and eat as long as they can, all sorts of apples without becoming wiser!

The shepherd kept the snake…as usual, the victims are at fault.