Tree details

General informations
Tree number 23
Species Norway spruce
Size 380 cm
Recorded by kadartibi
Recording time June 15, 2015, 9:22 a.m.
Tree condition
  • No data
  • Human impact/threats for the tree
  • Other human impact: none, luckily
  • Positive interventions: none
  • Location of the tree
    Locality Gerend (Bradut CV)
  • in a landscape , forest
  • Other: On a plateau near the valley named Gerend surounded by mature forest (age 50). Managed by OSP Baraolt, UP 5-Talisoara u.a. 9D. Private property of Olasztelek Composesorat.
  • Importance
    Probably left from the time when the actual forest was still pasture. The branches which began from the base of the tree are the testimony of this. The upper half of the spruce is missing probably it was broken by a storm because the tree emerged above the forest layer. The spruce survived this and now, some of the upper branches are taking the lead, a new top is emerging. A strong and beautiful tree which dictates respect. Local community should know about this tree and be aware of its future.

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