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Guided tour of Transylvanian wood pastures

Written by Tamás Réka on April 28, 2017

Visit the wood pastures of Transylvania which are unique in Europe! Meet the ancient trees and this landscape that has formed since the Middle Ages as well as their traditional use and the cultural aspects related to it. Learn more about the threatening factors which affect them and the way you can participate in saving them.

During the trip you have the occasion to visit ancient wood pastures, remarkable trees and several winners of the Tree of the year competition accompanied by a specialized guide. During the visit you will find out more about the “Remarkable trees of Romania” initiative. The goal of the project is the conservation of wood pastures and is supported by Charles Prince of Wales. The participants will learn how to measure a tree and can participate in data collection to the database, which is a data source for ecological research. On request we offer a picnic with local products (speck, cheese, homemade bread, vegetables, etc.).

Those interested can choose from three different destinations listed below:

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