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The biggest trees on Remarkable Trees of Romania platform

Written by Tamás Réka on Feb. 1, 2016

The number of remarkable trees registered on our platform has reached 550, so we decided to present the most exceptional trees contained by our database. While doing this, we don’t want to underestimate the smaller and younger trees - on the contrary, we consider that the future of old trees depends on our ability to create stable conditions for young trees today, in order to offer them the chance to grow old. At the same time we are aware of the fact, that there are many old trees which are known in Romania but still haven’t been uploaded to our common platform. We hope that this will happen soon! We encourage this idea, as the platform "Remarkable Trees of Romania" is Yours as well. The top of remarkable trees is led by the following 10 trees. We list those trees whose trunk is intact and are not doubles.

1. The oak from Cajvana (Suceava) is the largest oak met in Romania and among the largest in Europe. Trunk circumference is 1100 cm and has an estimated age as 800 years. The oak from Cajvana is very famous, many articles being written about this old tree on the internet. The tree can be found on satellite map "Google Earth" searching "Stejarul Multisecular Cajvana."

Oak from Cajvana. Picture sent by Prof. Adrian Patrut.

2. The oak from Mercheasa (Brasov) is the second largest living oak known in Romania. The oak trunk circumference is of 920 cm, being reported by two pupils from Homorod during a competition initiated by the Mihai Eminescu Foundation, "Find the oldest tree." According to the estimation of the Carpaterra Association the tree is around 900 years old, they also started initiatives to declare the tree a monument. The oak has a name as well, "The Veteran of the Carpathians", using this name it can be located on the satellite map "Google Earth" and visited on Facebook.

The Veteran of the Carpathians. Picture taken by Tibi Hartel.

3. The poplar from Gadinti (Neamt) has a trunk circumference of 800 cm, being identified and registered by Mr. Lucian Fasola with the following description: “These poplars (there are several trees with several dimensions on the location indicated by me) are the biggest trees seen by me during my searches, I haven’t identified them on any list of Neamt county’s protected trees.”

The poplar from Gadinti. Picture taken by Mr. Lucian Fasola.

4. The poplar from Satu Mare (Satu Mare) has a trunk circumference of 800 cm and was registered by Mr. Tihamer Fulop.

The poplar from Satu Mare. Author of the picture is Mr. Tihamer Fulop.

5. The hornbeam from Apold (Mures) is the largest whole hornbeam we know, and is among the largest living hornbeams in Europe. Actually, all hornbeams, whose circumference exceeds 400 cm are remarkable and have international conservative value. “The remarkable trees of Romania” data base has some tress, which the local communities can be proud of.

The hornbeam from Apold (466 cm). Author of the picture is Tibi Hartel.

“Alex’s hornbeam” (440 cm) was first identified by Alex Gota. The hornbeam is situated on the same pasture as the previous one. Author of the picture is Tibi Hartel.

6. The pear from Daia (Mures) is 410 cm large and is at this moment the largest pear known in the region and among the largest pears in the whole Europe. It was identified by Mr. Lucian Holban and Arpi Szapanyos.

The pear from Daia. Author of the picture is Arpi Szapanyos.

7. The birch from Satu Nou (Harghita) has a trunk circumference of 303 cm. With these dimensions it is one of the biggest birches in Europe. For example, all birches of Hungary have a circumference lower than 300 cm. It was identified by Kuno Martini and Tibi Hartel.

The birch from Satu Nou. Author of the picture is Tibi Hartel.

8. The yew from Sighisoara (Mures) is 310 cm wide and due to its dimensions can be included in the category of really remarkable yews. It is situated between the Evangelical Church and Historical Museum of Sighisoara. The tree was measured, photographed and uploaded to the data base by Arpi Szappanyos.

The yew from Sighisoara. Author of the picture is Arpi Szapanyos.

9. The beech from Ciucea (Mures) has a trunk circumference of 467 cm and is one of the remarkable trees registered by Lavinia Teran.

The beech from Ciucea photographed by Lavinia Teran.

10. The beech from Banita (Hunedoara) has a trunk circumference of 470 cm and is a big and remarkable tree. It was registered by Georgiana Elena.

The beech from Banita photographed by  Georgiana Elena.

More details regarding the remarkable trees registered in our data base can be found applying the “filter” from the website There are 133 trees having their circumference between 500 and 600 cm, as well as 26 trees with circumference between 600 and 700 cm.

In present 72 persons created account on the “Remarkable Trees of Romania” platform.

We thank you on behalf of the old trees that you joined our initiative. We especially would like to render thanks to the following persons for the high number of registered and reported trees: Lavinia Teran, Georgiana Elena, Alex Gota, Denise Bobes, Arpi Szapanyos, Lucian Holban and Kuno Martini.

We expect more registrations and descriptions in the future about the remarkable trees in Romania. You can find us on facebook on ”Remarkable Trees of Romania”.

Hartel Tibor


Translation by Verestói Enikő, volunteer at Pogány-havas Association